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Before even receiving the topic, I already had general supporting evidence sure to fit any prompt and transition and topic sentences for every paragraph.

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In this example, the inserted phrase an inspiration to the Civil Rights movement is now sandwiched, to much greater effect, between the main subject and verb of the sentence. Because the SAT is a national test, the prompts are generic, involving issues that lend themselves to different — and invariably conflicting — points of view.

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Tom Clements is a former college English teacher who has helped hundreds of students ace their SAT tests.

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In particular, his students dominate the SAT essay, consistently scoring in double digits. His recent book, “How to Write a Killer SAT Essay” received the prestigious Clarion Five-Star review.4/5.

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How to Write a New Killer ACT Essay: An Award-Winning Author's Practical Writing Tips on ACT Essay Prep.

How to Write a Killer SAT Essay

How to Write a Killer SAT Essay: An Award-Winning Author's Practical Writing Tips on SAT Essay Prep Tom Clements. out of 5 stars Paperback. $ turnonepoundintoonemillion.coms: 8.

How to write a killer sat essay by tom clements
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