How to write at the rate symbol

In Frenchit is now officially the arobase [34] [35] also spelled arrobase or arrobeor a commercial though this is most commonly used in French-speaking Canada, and should normally only be used when quoting prices; it should always be called arobase or, better yet, arobas when in an email address.

Using the latter definition, the symbol rate is equal to or lower than the bit rate. Rarely, the English word "at" is used. On some social media platforms and forums, usernames are in the form johndoe; this type of username is frequently referred to as a " handle ".

In Portugal it may be used in typing and text messaging with the meaning " french kiss " linguado. Alternately you can use the Hex entry method for accomplishing the same task. For example, a differential phase-shift keying system might allow four possible jumps in phase between symbols.

In these systems, the symbol rate of the physically transmitted high-frequency signal rate is called chip ratewhich also is the pulse rate of the equivalent base band signal.


In Hindiit is at, from the English word. If not, any suggestions. It is most commonly used in the form echo off which not only switches off echoing but prevents the command line itself from being echoed. The complete collection of M possible symbols over a particular channel is called a M-ary modulation scheme.

For more information about this character, please see the related link. In some communities, is, against current trends, appended to the end of the nick, e. Binary modulation[ edit ] If the carrier signal has only two states, then only one bit of data i.

unable to type symbol @ on windows 7

In Scalait is used to denote annotations as in Javaand also to bind names to subpatterns in pattern-matching expressions. In Malayit is called alias when it is used in names and di when it is used in email addresses, "di" being the Malay word for "at". On online forums without threaded discussionsis commonly used to denote a reply; for instance: The word is wasei-eigoa loan word from the English language.

The bit rate is in this case equal to the symbol rate. Tina, Manila, Philippines Printers on this side of the pond referred to it as a "commercial at," just as the ampersand was a "commercial and. If not, any suggestions.

In Dit denotes function Atattributes:. Dec 20,  · Best Answer: The at sign "@", read aloud in English as "at") is a typographic symbol most commonly used as an abbreviation in accounting and commercial invoices, in statements such as "7 widgets @ $2 ea.

= $14". More recently, the at symbol has become ubiquitous due to its use in email Resolved.

Solved I bought an imac as a gift and my friend cannot get the @ symbol using the shift key, it is a wireless RF mini keyboard, solution; Solved i can not type "dot" symbol on my keyboard.

Jul 05,  · Edit Article How to Use a Symbol When You Have a Laptop. In this Article: Using ALT Symbols Without a Keypad, PC Using Shortcuts for Keyboard Symbols on a Mac Laptop Community Q&A There are a number of symbols included with standard character sets on your computer, but which not show on your laptop 97K.

Detexify gives me only text mode symbol for LaTeX. Stack Exchange Network. Stack Exchange network consists of Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, How to insert at symbol (@) in equation?

[closed] Ask Question. IN ENGLISH, the symbol is boringly known as "commercial at", but other languages offer more imaginative names. In Swedish, it is called snabel-a, ("a" with an elephant's trunk), or kanelbulle. muje at the rate type. Go. How do you type at the rate symbol on computer keyboard?

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How to write at the rate symbol
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