Unity and national integration

They have to be transformed into productive, habitable, environmentally healthy and safe urban environments, free from crime and violence. Cultural diversity is a reality; that constitutes today, strength in the building of the Malaysian nation.

Different races have different ways of bringing up children especial at home. Quite appreciably, susceptibility of youth to parental and societal influences, which shape their lives and determine their well-being, constitutes a major characteristic of youth.

National Integration Essay

This is another cause of disintegration. This self-correcting nature of traditional Hindu institutions is not recognized or made use of by either socio-political reformers or governments.

For all non-political purposes, Bharata geography has often been described in terms of desa-s. Thus, our Constitution is the most important force that promotes national integration. The real meaning of integration is the existence of multifarious identities with a unifying thread.

This can achieved through a process of socialization such as the same system of education, using the same language, inter- marriage and practicing the national ideology Choices of national identity: In this context, formation of Barisan Page 4 Nasional is most meaningful and practical because it joins together various political parties.

It is used to promote unity among the people. This leads to feelings of resentment and hostility that threaten the integrity of our country.

National Integration Speech

The entire week starting 19th November and ending 25th November has been dedicated to national integration of the country.

The government cannot show preference to one religion at the expense of another. We have to stick with our traditions. Page 7 National Education Policy: In spite of the importance of rural development to national development, studies have clearly shown that there is no meaningful development in the rural area which can be used to jump start national growth.

Appointments in jobs, admissions in educational institutions are often on the basis of caste considerations. From the discussion we can say that, Malaysia is a multi-ethnic or multi-cultural and pluralist society.

The contribution of social studies education towards nation-building. It creates the environment and conditions conducive for change to take place… education is the builder and molder of attitude and behaviour of members of the society which lend support to the process of development and change Ekin-Okut, Surely, youth violence is quite often viewed by social scientists as an expression of frustration.

This kind of integration is very important in the building of a strong and prosperous nation. In Conclude All of the five process above portray how minority groups become part of the main stream of society.

National Integration Essay

Children and old person cannot build a nation because they have not any power in their blood. Thus, bringing the whole country together as one nation. National integration for India gains significance due to the immense diversity that characterizes it. Long Essay on National Integration — Essay 7 words Introduction National integration refers to the feeling of oneness and unity among the citizens of a country.

This reality imposes the need to integrate the distinct ethnic groups to become a monolithic whole that shares a common identity and destiny. People from different races living here are fighting physically, emotionally, arguing, debating in many ways to prove them best only for their own benefits.

It is a positive aspect that rides over the differences as well as inequalities among people or citizens of the country. Many governments have taken many efforts to ensure stability and unity among the different races and ethnic group.

Unity and national integration has been the main agenda of the Malaysian government, especially the country's leaders up till the present time. National integration or unity of a country can be defined as the process which brings together the culturally and socially diverse groups into a single territorial entity and leads to the establishment of a national.

Idea of India, Unity and National Integration

National unity is one of the targets of government policies in task to promote the greater integration amongst different race, different background of country’s committees. The unity of the country will be exist when the sharing of power, a democratic government sound economic distribution and cultural tolerance were found.

National Integration is the feeling of togetherness or oneness towards one’s own country irrespective of their individual differences with regard to religion, region, race, culture or caste.

India is a multi-racial and multilingual country. For national integration it is necessary that people of different classes and communities are brought together and feeling of unity is infused in them. For this, some collective programmes should be arranged and people of all classes, communities and different religions should be invited.

National integrity is feeling of oneness and togetherness between every citizen of any country despite being living in different region or state and following any religion,national unity have two different meaning geographically is means unity amo.

Unity and national integration
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